Anything For An Orgasm – S2:E8

Vanna Bardot is stuck in a facility for girls who need to improve their behavior, and she’s feeling really hemmed in by all those strict rules. This horny sex kitten isn’t about to give up her good time completely, so she waits until she’s alone in her room to start caressing her tits on her way down lower. Her fingers work overtime as she masturbates right up until the administrator on duty, Codey Steele, walks in on her and tells her to cut it out. Vanna tries to persuade Codey to help her out, but he stands strong and leaves.Vanna refuses to be discouraged. Later, she notices the electric toothbrushes in the facility’s bathroom. Grabbing one after another, she pushes the vibrating tips to her greedy clit. Just as the party is really getting started, Codey walks in on Vanna and once again catches her in the act. Once again, instead of helping a girl out, Codey sends Vanna back to her room with an admonition that she needs to behave herself. Later, he catches her attempting to masturbate one last time and gives her a final warning that he won’t tolerate her behavior.Vanna finally gets the opportunity to get what she wants when she sneaks out of her room and finds Codey sleeping on the job. She strips naked and crawls on top of him. Instead of taking no for an answer, she feels that his dick is hard and uses her position on top of him to get his cock out of his pants. Without any further preliminaries, Vanna lifts her hips and slides down. Her cowgirl ride is all the coaxing Codey needs to help Vanna scratch her carnal itch. He lets Vanna hop off and suck her own juices off his cock, then gives to her in doggy. Vanna finally gets her big O as she’s on her back with her knees in the air. Moments later, Codey pulls out and cums on Vanna’s muff, proving he enjoyed it as much as she did.


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